frogsFROGs (“Fully Relying On God”) ministers to high school-aged young people from Grade 8 through 12+. The FROGS ministry is focused on developing young people into spiritually mature Christians who know and act upon their faith. This is accomplished through the following principles:

  • A credible witness to Jesus Christ.
  • A relevance to the youth of the 21st century.
  • A relational interaction between youth and youth as well as youth and leaders.
  • An awareness that youth mature at different rates.
  • A context where the youth can feel safe and secure.
  • A community where the youth can love and be loved.
  • A challenge where the youth can discover and respond to questions about life and faith.
  • A balanced and holistic ministry programming that includes recreation, worship, fellowship, service, and education.

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Time: Thursday evenings, and various activities throughout the month
Location: “The Outlet” (The house next to the church)
Call 905-634-0722 or email

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