here-i-am-1311198What it means to focus on God

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever(1). Our lives are lived as a response to the presence and greatness of God; so we worship God..

Two factors make for vital worship of God: the presence of God and the God who is present (2).

We need to be aware that God is present. Yet we often refuse to look at him, because there are many other things that get our attention, many other things that want our worship. So we need to make an intentional effort to focus on God.

We need to recognize who this God is. The vitality and relevance of our worship is directly related to our view of God. When we focus on God in worship, we come to know more of who God is. Then we can worship in a full and life-affirming way.

The most notable way we focus on God at New Street CRC is our Sunday morning worship service. Our worship services help us to be aware of God’s presence through times of singing and prayer, and to learn more of God’s character through a time of confession, celebrating the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper), and listening to God’s Word.

We also focus on God throughout the week, as each of our lives are lived in the presence of God; we focus on God in our worship service and our acts of service; we glorify and honour God with how we work, rest, and play, and we relish God’s presence with us.



(1) Westminster Shorter Catechism

(2) Greg Ogden